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AOL Desktop GOLD Won’t Open – Troubleshooting AOL  Gold Problems

AOL Desktop GOLD Won’t Open – Troubleshooting AOL Gold Problems

In today’s era, we need everything to happen as fast as possible, at that point, how we might endure if AOL Desktop GOLD won’t open immediately. AOL Desktop Gold has a similar design as of AOL but with some add on features that not just save your time but also space on your Desktop. It is an amazing software that offers you protected web browsing services along with enhanced security and fast processing speed. Still, sometimes due to minor technical glitches, AOL desktop gold will show some errors. Therefore, we have mentioned down some of the common AOL Desktop Gold Problems that you are facing with their solution. This post is for you so that next time when you experience any AOL Gold issues, you can deal with the problem by yourself.

aol gold problems

Reasons Why AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open

Users must know that it is not only one reason when an issue is due to technical glitches. Some of the time, AOL Desktop doesn’t respond to any command or slows down or gets hanged. Given below are the most common reasons behind the AOL gold problems:

  • There was an issue with the installation procedure. It is possible that it was interrupted for some reason or the procedure followed was not accurate, which might be the reason for installation failed.
  • Maybe this error occurs because it is incompatible with some other apps that are installed on your system.
  • A virus or malware could have contaminated your system hence disrupting the AOL app.
  • It is also possible that your hard disk may have been damaged, causing your system to breakdown.

Steps for troubleshooting

Given down some basic AOL desktop gold troubleshooting steps that you can follow to fix the AOL Desktop GOLD Won’t Open:

aol desktop gold troubleshooting
  1. Run a quick antivirus scan and delete any files that might be a risk.
  2. Check your PC to ensure you have all the system requirements set up.
  3. Guarantee that you are connected with the web using a link or Wi-Fi.
  4. Uninstall any program or application that is contradictory to AOL Desktop Gold.
  5. Guarantee that the programmed update option is on with the goal that you upgrade AOL Gold
  6. Clear the browser’s cache through the browser Settings option.
  7. Incapacitate any dynamic firewall, and that may prevent AOL Gold from opening.
  8. Restart your PC with the goal that the RAM is clear.
  9. Stop or respite any downloads that might be disturbing your web connection.
  10. Delete and then install AOL Gold utilizing the official instructions.

AOL Gold Shortcuts disappear from Desktop

desktop shortcuts disappear windows 10

Another common problem for the AOL users that they experience with AOL Desktop Gold problems is the AOL Desktop Gold shortcut is missing. The reason behind this could be anything from a failed update of AOL desktop gold to interruption due to antivirus. Try to attempt following workarounds to fix missing AOL Desktop Gold shortcut:

  • Open AOL Gold Software > Navigate to AOL Desktop Gold Icon present in the Dock> tap on the option Keep in the Dock.
  • Tap on the Expand icon > Right-click on AOL Desktop Gold icon > choose to create a desktop shortcut.
  • Right-click system Home Screen > Navigate to view > tap on Show desktop gold icon to Re-install the AOL Desktop Gold shortcut.

If the above solution does not resolve the issue, and you need more support for resolving the issue from a specialized person, then you should take help from AOL support.

AOL Desktop Gold shortcuts disappear from Windows 10

Some steps to recover the missing AOL Gold shortcut from the windows 10:-

  • To begin with, go to the primary drive and afterward drag the AOL desktop Gold shortcut on the home screen. Make a note to leave the mouse on the desktop area while dragging the AOL shortcut. Or on the other hand, the shortcut will get created in the unknown folder.
  • In such a case, you have the issue in making the Gold shortcut on Desktop then tap on the cone-like structure in the system tray, and discover the lost shortcut in the list.
  • If the Desktop Gold shortcut shows up on the list of the system tray, at that point, right-click on the shortcut for selecting the create shortcut option.
  • In this manner, if there isn’t an AOL shortcut in the list of the system tray, the open AOL programming. And keep the pointer on the gold shortcut for selecting the option of Keep it in Dock.
  • For the missing AOL gold symbol from Desktop, at that point open the library window and clear the shortcut. Observe that before deleting the cache file, change the maximum reserved shortcut to 10000 value or considerably more than that.

One-Stop Solution for AOL Gold Problems

There are multiple ways to recover with the AOL Desktop Gold problems. But if you are still facing any problem after reading the article. AOL Gold provides you with many ways to resolve all your queries related to shortcut missing issues or apps, not opening issues. But if you still need any extra AOL Help related to any of your AOL Gold problems, then you should feel free to ask a question at AOL customer service on their phone number. The user can avail of the contact details provided on the AOL website.

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