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Internal Server Error | How to Fix 500 HTTP Server Error

Internal Server Error | How to Fix 500 HTTP Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or mis configuration and is not able to complete the request. Internal Server Error is more likely to solve a mystery. You don’t know anything that exactly happened or why does it happen — all you know is that something is going wrong and you need a solution to fix it.

Usually, you have had to face various errors like 404 Not Found error, 500 internal server error and many more. These error codes are HTTP status codes. In this article, you are going to get all the information about the Internal Server Error in detail.

Internal server error

What is an Internal Server Error

It is an error code that could indicate the number of issues returned by the website server. It merely serves as the indication and might be difficult for the user to troubleshoot this error. One of the most common causes of this error is scripting issues. It means something is wrong, and further investigation or action should be required.

HTTP Error 500

Though, 500 Internal Server Error is referred to as a server error, 500 error, and an HTTP error. And it means that something has gone wrong on the website’s server, but the server couldn’t be more specific on what that exact issue is happening because it can be prompted out by many different concerns. It may be in rare cases but not impossible that the issues with the computers that connect to the server are prompting these errors. It is an undetermined problem that is stopping you from being able to load the page.

HTTP Error 500

It was not your fault that the Server Error occurs; it is mainly the fault or the problem of the server itself. You probably can’t do anything with it. It is not often related to the caching issues but it can be possible at times that the issue occurring will be fixed after you clear all the browser cache and cookies. For this, you don’t need any high qualifications in technical knowledge.

How to fix server error

If your server runs some software like WordPress, incompatible versions, and incorrect server permissions, then this all can cause the Internal Server Error. Troubleshooting steps to fix the server error:-

  • Check whether you have recently installed or upgraded the software that failed to install or download. To revive the software, see on the vendor’s website for further information.
  • Recently activated plugin or themes may conflict with your current plugins or themes. Disable them one at a time to recognize the exact plugins or themes causing the internal server error.
  • If you have just upgraded the software, your current plugins or themes may not be companionable with the new upgrade. Neutralizing plugins or themes one at a time until the error vanishes is the best way to find the root cause of your error.

How to fix 500 Internal Server Error

All the issues are on the website end, and you cannot fix it yourself. It can be fixed whoever runs the website will have to do it. So here are some ways for how to fix 500 internal server error:-

How to fix 500 internal server error

Though 500 internal server error is often temporary error and the website may quickly fix by itself. Sometimes it may happen when many people are connecting to the site at a time. There are many ways that you can quickly get around the problem. You have to wait for some time before trying again, and the website will work properly and load the page that you want to see on that specific website.

You may try to reload the website and still experience this problem. Then tap on the Reload button on the browser toolbar or try after clicking on F5. Then the browser of yours will contact the web server and ask for the page one more time, and it may fix your issues.

Remember- Don’t try to reload the page if you were doing an online payment or doing any transaction

and you view this message: 500 internal server error. It may cause you to do the same thing twice, and you submit the same payment twice. But the issue may arises when the website experiences a problem during a transaction, most of the sites should stop this from arising.

fix 500 internal server error

If this issue still arises, then you may need to wait a while before going to the website after some time. It may probably be undergoing through a problem, and the persons who run the site will have to fix it as soon as possible. Try to access it later on in the future, and it may work properly.

One-Stop Fix for the Server Error

If you are anxious that the persons who are running the website don’t have any alert about the issue, then you may want to contact them and inform them about the problem that you are experiencing for so long. Then you should contact them. If any of the websites are broken for you, then it is probably broken for other persons who are trying to load, and the website’s owner should want to fix it.

Or if you are facing any error on any business website, then you may try to dial that business contact number. Or you can also try to write a mail if the business has provided any customer service mail address. That business website can also be contacted, and you can share your issue through social media platforms like Twitter and many more.

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